Relationship Counselling Shetland

Wilma Stewart has over 30 years of experience providing a range of private and confidential services, including marriage and relationship counselling, sex addiction counselling and psychosexual counselling.

What We Offer

relationship & couple counselling

psychosexual counselling

sex addiction counselling

How long do sessions take?
Sessions are an hour or less.

Is it confidential and private?
Yes. Ankor Therapy is particularly private as no one else has access to the information. Exemptions are when someone is in danger or a danger to another or themselves.

What will happen in a session?
A confidential and comfortable environment sets the scene for questions regarding health, medical and intimate life. In the following sessions, the Therapist will then feedback on issues and sets tasks for incorporating individual needs and concerns.

How many sessions are required?
Between 5 to 15 sessions is average, however, there is no right or wrong amount of sessions.

About Wilma

With 30+ years of professional service including children and care homes, criminal justice and the prison service, working with homeless, the voluntary sector, mental health establishments, city counselling services, staff welfare, corporate referrals eg the oil industry/NATS/universities etc, Wilma has successfully dealt with a wide range of issues and individuals, and has an ongoing commitment to personal development and training, putting her in the fortunate position to offer clients therapeutic support.

Where issues arise that are outside my knowledge or ability to help, I will know where to refer.

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